The Ha’apai Group Of Islands Isolated and quiet, a true diamond.

Ha'apai, Tonga

The Haa’pai group is the middle island group of Tonga and offers the perfect combination of Deep, clear water, Great accommodation, good food and private, endless beaches. The whales are in abundance and there are very few operators. This allows for a much more “ecological” and personal experience. We have chosen Ha’apai as it offers the “real Tongan island” Experience! You will be able to walk on an endless beach for an hour without seeing another person, Swim in crystal clear water, snorkel around the many reefs and experience true serenity.

We have chosen Ha’apai over the more touristy Vava’u as it delivers a completely different experience. There are as many whales in Ha’apai if not more, but with only 5 whale swim boats there is a lot less pressure on the whales and we never have to wait for another boat to finish swimming with a whale before you jump in.

Ha’apai also offers unique snorkelling and freediving experiences – from the Arch (an underwater bridge at 25m), the caverns (a series of swim-throughs in depths ranging from 5-22m), to the many sea mountains and reefs surrounding Uoleva island (The island we stay on).

Lastly, in most cases, the whales are just in fornt of the resort, so there is not much wasted travel time before we encounter the whales.

This expedition was absolutely beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Not only was the location fantastic, not only did we have the opportunity to swim and dive with humpback whales at arms’ reach, but: the way Erez and Ally from Apnea Australia took care of everything really turned the whole experience into something luxurious you will never want to forget. If you can only do one trip this year, that is the one you want to enjoy. I wish I could join them again, and I know that one day, I will.


Upcoming Trips


8 tours
A piece of paradise in the heart of Tonga

Serenity Beaches Resort


The resort is Solar powered and self sustanable to minimise the environmental footprint


Clean, private Fales (bungalows) with a private beach. Twin share / Family option


All meals served in the beautiful dining hall. Enjoy amazing, fresh food prepared with love.


Custom built yoga / hangout space for our daily practice and talks. See the whales as the swim by


We use a 10m Twin hull powerboat which is stable, fast and clean to get form the resort to the whales



Via Australia:

Virgin Australia operates direct flights twice a week (Monday and Wednesday. Flights land in Tonga after midnight with connection flights in the morning. We recommend spending the transit time at the Scenic hotel lobby (they charge 25top per person for transfers and use of lobby).

Via Fiji:

Fiji Airways flights land in Tongatapu or Vava’u. We recommend flying to Tongatapu as it allows more flexibility in choosing days.

Via New zealand:

Both Virgin and Air New Zealand operate flights to Tongatapu. flight operate almost daily.


From Tongatapu (Nuku’alofa)

Real Tonga ( flies to Ha’apai three times a day. We recommend trying to secure the first flight heading to Ha’apai on the first day of the trip and the last flight heading back to Tongatapu on the day before last of the trip.

Small Groups

8 freedivers in a group with two training lines. At least two hours of diving per day

Minimal Current

Tonga has minimal current. If there is a bit of current – we simply move to a different spot.

Unlimited Depth

We usually train around Sea mountains coming up from 60m or so. For deeper dives – we can easily find 180m.


You do not have to be a certified freediver to join the trips. you will always have the chance to snorkel around the amazing reefs.
Doing an Apnea International Stage A freediving course on the trip is an amazing opportunity to discover the amazing world of breath-hold diving.
The course will include theory, confined water and ocean sessions.

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