Close and personal with the world's biggest animal and biggest Predator


Have you ever dreamed of seeing the largest animal ever to grace the face of this plant? How about actually swimming / freediving with it? 

You can do that and more in our secret location.

We intentionally do not disclose the exact location as this spot only has one boat licensed for this type of activity. you will be the only group on the water which means very minimal impact on the whales and will have the biggest chance to swim and freedive with them.

To find out more, you will need to contact us… but we can say that it is in the southern hemisphere and not too far from Australia.

The Blue whale can reach a length of close to 30m!!! 

The Resident pod of Sprem whales include individuals reaching 12m in length!

Our secret location is one of the only places on earth where consistent and reliable Blue whale sightings happen between October and December. Swims are regulated and group sizes remain small to cause the smallest pressure on the whales.

Alongside the Blue whale andSperm whales, we will have a chance to swim with 24 other cetacean species, manta rays and other marine species.

As always, Groups are small – only 8 guests to keep it very personal.

We run our trips in November to maximise the chances of encounters and of good weather.

  • Air Temp: 28°-30° Celsius
  • Water Temp: 25°-28° Celsius
  • Visibility: 30m+

Secret Spot: Blue whales, Sperm whales, Dolphins and untouched reef

7 Days 7 Nights
Trip Dates : November 2020
Group Size : 8
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Animals we may encounter

Blue Whales  |  Sperm Whales  |  Dugong |  Dolphins  |  Sharks | Manta Rays | Fish and Coral

“Don’t do business with people who SAY the right things – do business with people who DO the right things”

I love companies who know what they stand for! 👏On this adventure, long before we saw our first whale we understood that this trip is all about just that… the whales! Not us, not our Instagram, not the selfie that we want.

It’s about sustainability, education, respect and trust 🐋 It’s about embracing nature and being a part of it not just a spectator in it.

Erez Beatus of Freediving Holidays truly understands that his business is nothing without his morals and values… otherwise he’s just like everybody else!
He will not comprise his ethics or the whales for anything and it is EXACTLY why I chose them! ❤️🐋

If you are planning a trip with any wild animal interactions – DO YOUR RESEARCH! Choose not to partake in crowding, harassing or stressing.

There is no beauty in seeing wild animals stressed and frightened or behaving in ways that are not natural.

Find an experience that is truly wild and authentic – You might have to go a little further, wait a little longer or get right out of your comfort zone but I guarantee you – that is where the magic is 🌟

What do you stand for? Do your personal and professional values align? Does your company represent YOU? – Why? 🤔

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Small and comfortable, to get us close to the whales

Unlimited Depth

Snorkelling and freediving will be held around the various reefs in the area. 


this trip provide an opportunity to encounter at least 3 species

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We are passionate about the ocean and about protection of it’s inhabitants. We strive to provide our guests with as much education as we can and really feel that together with our groups we can make a difference.

We have a No Plastic policy on our trips and regularly conduct cleanups and other activities to support local communities.

We welcome any feedback you may have and hope to see you on one of our trips.