If your passion or dream involves being immersed in an ocean of clear, turquoise blue water, sharing many exquisite moments with humpback whales, observing an endless array of healthy marine life, eating fantastic island food whilst sharing the day’s events with a great group of people and waking up each morning knowing you are about to embark on another wonderful adventure, then this trip is for you

An Experience of a lifetime – Every time…

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Whale Encounters
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Blue / Sperm Whales and much more
Bowhead whales, Bears and Orca


Hidden Caves in Jungles


Sardine Run
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Cenotes and ancient ruins- 2020

10 Days
Trip Dates : 17/02/2020-26/02/2020

09/07/2020-25/07/2020 Freediving with bowhead whales and Orca

15 Days
Trip Dates : 09/07/2020-25/07/2020

Tonga 28/07/2020 – 06/08/2020 Group 1

10 Days 9 Nights
Trip Dates : 28/07/2020 - 06/08/2020

Tonga 28/07/2020 – 06/08/2020 Group 2

10 Days 9 Nights
Trip Dates : 28/07/2020 - 06/08/2020

Tonga 10/09/2020 – 18/09/2020 Group 1

10 Days 9 Nights
Trip Dates : 11/08/2020 - 20/08/2020

Tonga 10/09/2020 – 18/09/2020 Group 2

10 Days 9 Nights
Trip Dates : 11/08/2020 - 20/08/2020

As someone who is obsessed with marine life, freediving, and fishing, there is no better experience than joining freediving holidays for whale swimming in Tonga. The crew and staff made all my dreams come true. It is truly paradise out there and experiencing the intimacy of mother humpbacks and theirs calves and the testosterone of the male heat runs was absolutely mind blowing.


From Our Guests

when you look into a whales eye as it swims close by you instantly feel the trip has been worthwhile, it gives you a feeling of how amazing these creatures are, this is even without other interactions with them, diving in local caves, swim throughs and experiencing 40m visibility, these other things merely then become a bonus


Going on a freediving trip to Tonga with Apnea Australia is by far the best holiday I’ve had. It had a great mix of fun and training/learining for all levels of freediving experience. Erez and Ally were flexible with day to day activies and we had heaps of options…..but most of all we got up close and personal with the humpback whales – a once in a lifetime experience. I highly recommend this trip to any ocean enthusiasts!


Ally And Erez


Erez and Ally have been working in the water for over 17 years. From a background of running a whale watching business on the Gold coast they were swept away by those incredible creatures. They have decided to search the world for the closest, most intimate whale experience and found Tonga!

“When I came out of the water after my first whale swim, I told Erez this is what I want to do for the rest of my life”.

Erez has been a professional Freediver and instructor for the past 18 years. With over 2000 students world wide he is one of the most experienced instructors in the world. Erez has held the world record in the CNF (Constant weights no fins) in 2001 and has held multiple national records.

Erez is a certified whale guide.

Erez is a hydrotherapist by profession and has worked in rehabilitation for many years. He is also an avid photographer.

Ally has been exploring the world for many years. She is a Documentary photographer and film maker and is currently working on a project that takes her to the most remote tribes in the world.

Ally is a Scuba instructor and a FreeDiver.

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